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Who Factually Saw the Gold Plates? A Marvelous Work And A Blunder [ML 185]

We dive into Episode 5 of A Marvelous Work, investigating the claims of “Book of Mormon Central” around the witnesses of the Book of Mormon. Told through the commentary of Radio Free Mormon, Bill Reel, and guest host Dan Vogel this one is bound to better than a vision performed via Second Sight.

Book of Mormon Central part 5 of A Marvelous Work –

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2 thoughts on “Who Factually Saw the Gold Plates? A Marvelous Work And A Blunder [ML 185]”

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  2. In this episode, somebody read a quote about how that “spiritual eyes” could mean seeing something either in vision or imagination, but nobody knew why “imagination” would be considered a possible meaning. I think the answer can be found in Charlotte Bronte’s novel, “Jane Eyre”. This fleshes it out more (, but basically, in the novel, Jane is talking about her paintings, and how she came to paint them as she did, saying that they had popped into her mind (or she had imagined them), and tried to paint them as she had seen them in her mind’s eye, but felt she was not able to do them justice. She uses the phrase “I saw them with the spiritual eye” in describing having imagined them.

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