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3446_Microphone_TrophyThis is a master list of all audio episodes accessible to the general public.  Become a subscriber today to access all episodes.  As you might expect, the sound quality is lower in the early episodes as the recording equipment and my comprehension of audio editing was just beginning.   Please enjoy.
Complete Episode Archive by Month

2024-06 (June)
    Who Factually Saw the Gold Plates? A Marvelous Work And A Blunder [ML 185]
    Book of Mormon Anachronisms & John Clark [Mormonism Live: 184]
    The 1823 Detroit Manuscript [Mormonism Live 183]

2024-05 (May)
    Draining The Swamp of Mormon Apologetics [Mormonism Live 182]
    Shawn McCraney: Full Circle Defending Mormons [Mormonism Live 181]
    LDS Church's Stock Portfolio Under Scrutiny AGAIN [Mormonism Live 180]
    Making Mormonism Indiscernible From a Fraud [Mormonism Live 179]
    A Marvelous Work & A Blunder Part III [Mormonism Live 178]

2024-04 (April)
    An Exciting New Theory On Book Of Mormon Origins [Mormonism Live: 177]
    Early Mormon Allegations Of Impropriety [Mormonism Live 176]
    Ancient Gold Plates: What Do They Tell Us About Mormonism's Gold Plates [Mormonism Live: 175]
    A Rabbi's Take on Book of Mormon Central | Joe Charnes [Mormonism Live: 174]

2024-03 (March)
    LDS Church Financial Apologetics w/ Spencer Anderson [Mormonism Live: 173]
    Who Is Mormon Convert David Alexander [Mormonism Live 172]
    Hebrew Evidence for The Book of Mormon | A Marvelous Work & A Blunder | Part 2 [Mormonism Live 171]
    Rigdon Spalding Theory: Final Analysis [Mormonism Live 170]

2024-02 (February)
    How The Mormon Church Protects Child Abusers [Mormonism Live 169]
    LDS Abuser's Family Speaks Out! [Mormonism Live 168]
    Mormons vs Ex-Mormons [Mormonism Live: 167]
    Examining The Rigdon - Spalding Theory Part 2 [Mormonism LIVE 166]

2024-01 (January)
    Examining The Rigdon - Spalding Theory Part 1 | Mormonism LIVE 165
    "A Marvelous Work And A Blunder" [Mormonism Live: 164]
    Think Celestial - Celestial Marriage in Mormonism Before 1890
    Temple Madness: Mormonism Live: 162
    Growing Up Black In Mormonism [Mormonism Live: 161]

2023-12 (December)
    Mormon Abuse - Past Teachings & Present Problems | Mormonism Live 160
    A Radio Free Mormon Christmas Eve Special - 2023
    April 6th - Mormon Jesus' Birthday | Mormonism Live 159
    Mormonism LIVE ! 3rd Anniversary Special [ML: 158]
    The Toscano Excommunications! [Mormonism LIVE: 157]

2023-11 (November)
    Paul Toscano - Could Mormonism Still Be True? [Mormonism LIVE: 156]
    Welcome To The Mormon Apocalypse [Mormonism LIVE: 155]
    The Life of Moroni: A Voice From The Dust [Mormonism LIVE: 154]
    Excommunicated In Absentia: Mormonism LIVE: 153
    Sister Wives' Kody Brown [Exclusive Interview] ML: 152

2023-10 (October)
    Coast to Coast With Bill Reel & Radio Free Mormon: Mormonism LIVE: 151
    Mormonism's Holy Matrimony: ML: 150
    The Ballards Breaking Bad: ML: 149
    Decoding General Conference: Mormonism Live: 148

2023-09 (September)
    Mormons Gone Wild: ML: 147
    Mormon Church Seeks To Silence Whistleblower?: ML: 146
    Shunning By Decree: Mormonism LIVE: 145
    Is Mormonism True Or Is It A Fraud? [How You Can Know] ML:144

2023-08 (August)
    Does the Book of Mormon Refute Itself ?: ML: 143
    Prophetic Racism - From Doctrine to Disavowed Theories | Mormonism Live 142
    Dismantling Brian Hales' Book of Mormon Defense: Mormonism LIVE: 141
    Brian Hales & The Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Book Review Pt 1: ML: 140
    Obscure Mormon Artifacts: Mormonism Live: 139

2023-07 (July)
    Mormon Corporate Corruption: Mormonism LIVE: 138
    Mormon to Millionaire: Sam Brannan & the Brooklyn: Mormonism LIVE: 137
    Ouija Board Baptisms: Mormonism LIVE!: 136
    KJV & JST - The Devaluing of Mormon Scripture and Translation: ML: 135

2023-06 (June)
    Mormon Polygamy Nightmare: ML: 134
    Mormonism Live: 133: The Fresh King Benjamin ( @thefreshkingbenjamin )
    Mormon Magic Parchments: Mormonism LIVE: 132
    The Evidence that Joseph Smith was a Polygamist: ML: 131
    Seminary Teacher Schools Church Historian: Mormonism Live: 130

2023-05 (May)
    Mormonism Live: 129: How The Mormon Church Got Its Name
    Gone In 60 Minutes: Mormonism Live: 128
    The Greek Psalter Incident - Another Tale of Translation: Mormonism LIVE: 127
    Mormons & Muskets with Jim Bennett: Mormonism Live: 126

2023-04 (April)
    Mormonism Live: 125: Gospel Fully Restored or Just The Beginning Of An Ongoing Restoration?
    Biblical Scholarship with Dan McClellan: Mormonism LIVE: 124
    Mormonism LIVE: 123: Wood Tools vs Steel Tools w/ Jonathan Streeter
    Mormonism LIVE: 122: GenCon CXCIII

2023-03 (March)
    Mormonism LIVE: 121: Joseph Smith's First Vision in Context: A Comparative Analysis
    Mormonism LIVE: 120: Silencing Dissent - Mormon Style
    Mormonism LIVE: 119: Cordon Homicide - Epilogue
    Mormonism LIVE: 118: How Mormons Twist Scripture to Worship Wealth w/ David Bokovoy
    Mormonism LIVE: 117: Changes To The Temple & The Ethics of Ensign Peak Advisors

2023-02 (February)
    Mormonism LIVE: 116: Who Really Killed Joseph Smith?
    Mormonism LIVE: 115: Mormon Cinema
    Mormonism LIVE: 114: The Derek Cordon Homicide Investigation
    Mormonism LIVE: 113: What Ever Happened To The Great Apostasy?

2023-01 (January)
    Mormonism LIVE: 112: Tithing - What's In A Word
    Mormonism LIVE: 111: Joseph Smith's Secret Education - The Dartmouth Connection
    Mormonism LIVE: 110: Francis Gladden Bishop - Succession Crisis, Orgies, & Sacred Relics
    Mormonism LIVE: 109: The LDS "Mormon" Church's Teachings on Sex

2022-12 (December)
    Mormonism LIVE: 108: Is The Book of Mormon Unique?
    Mormonism LIVE: 107: Sheri Dew You Know - A Not So Christmas Special
    Mormonism LIVE: 106: DezNat Exposed
    Mormonism LIVE: 105: When Mormon Leaders Encourage Violence
    Mormonism LIVE: 104: Captain Nemo VS The LDS Church

2022-11 (November)
    Mormonism LIVE: 103: Thomas Murphy on the Third Convention
    Mormonism LIVE: 102: The Greatest Problem In The LDS Church
    Mormonism LIVE: 101: The Third Convention
    Mormonism LIVE: 100: 100th Episode Super Show

2022-10 (October)
    Mormonism LIVE: 099: The 1826 Trial of Joseph Smith The Glass Looker
    Mormonism LIVE: 098: Gold Gifts, Deeds, & Harsh Measures
    Mormonism LIVE: 097: A Chat w/ Elder Bednar Part 2
    Mormonism LIVE: 096: Mormonism & Masonry
    Join Our Team & Help Us Support Those Navigating a Faith and Belief Transition
    Mormonism LIVE: 095: A Chat w/Elder Bednar
    Mormonism LIVE: 094: Joseph Smith & The Occult

2022-09 (September)
    Mormonism LIVE: 093: The Tar and Feathering of Joseph Smith
    Mormonism LIVE: 092: Mormon Movie Maker
    Mormonism LIVE: 091: Bonnie Cordon & The Breath of Life #HearHim

2022-08 (August)
    Mormonism LIVE: 090: Weird Alma Strikes Again
    Mormonism LIVE: 089: Manipulation, Money, & Mormon Sex Abuse
    Mormonism LIVE: 088: LDS FORCE
    Mormonism LIVE: 087: Mormonism Grooms Compliance

2022-07 (July)
    Mormonism LIVE: 086: Would the Real Joseph Smith Please Stand Up?
    Mormonism LIVE: 085: Lighthouse - The Story of Tanners
    Mormonism LIVE: 084: Did God Have Sex With Mary?
    Mormonism LIVE: 083: The Best Books for Diving into the Messiness of Mormonism

2022-06 (June)
    Mormonism LIVE: 082: Charley Harrell & Contemplating Mormon Doctrine
    Mormonism LIVE: 081: A Failure of the Priesthood
    Mormonism LIVE: 080: The Patriarchal Blessing Connection
    Mormonism LIVE: 079: Mormonism's History of The Holy Garments
    Mormonism LIVE: 078: Mormon Affinity Fraud

2022-05 (May)
    Mormonism LIVE: 077: Jared Halverson & The Games Apologists Play
    Mormonism LIVE: 076: "Get Rid of the Facsimiles!" says Faithful Mormon Scholar
    Mormonism Live: 075: Fugate’s Kinderhook Fugazi
    Mormonism LIVE: 074: Sandra Tanner - Queen of the Anti-Mormons

2022-04 (April)
    Mormonism LIVE: 073: Lying For The Lord
    Mormonism LIVE: 072: Neophytes & Lamanites In The Book of Mormon
    Mormonism LIVE: 071: Nephi & Judith - Beheadings & other Similarities
    Mormonism LIVE: 070: Critical Scholarship and Book of Abraham Historicity

2022-03 (March)
    Mormonism LIVE: 069: Gaslighting From Mormon Leadership
    Mormonism LIVE: 068: Out of Africa
    Mormonism LIVE: 067: nuancehoe Carah Burrell
    Mormonism LIVE: 066: David Bokovoy - Sex, Eden and The Family
    Mormonism LIVE: 065: Mormonism & The 30,000 Foot View

2022-02 (February)
    Mormonism LIVE: 064: The Role of Women In The Church
    Mormonism LIVE: 063: First Vision Apologetics
    Mormonism LIVE: 062: BYU’s Fight Against Modernity Past & Present
    Mormonism LIVE: 061: Vogel & Metcalfe In Da HOUSE !

2022-01 (January)
    Mormonism LIVE: 060: The Unmasking of Maven
    Mormonism LIVE: 059: The Equal Rights Amendment and Utah
    Mormonism LIVE: 058: Mormon Apologist Skullduggery - The Mystery of the Second Watson Letter
    Mormonism LIVE: 057: The Two Hills Cumorah Theory

2021-12 (December)
    Mormonism LIVE: 056: Apostate BYU Professors
    Mormonism LIVE: 055: Christmas & The Historical Jesus
    Mormonism LIVE: 054: Mission Impossible
    Mormonism LIVE: 053: One Year Anniversary
    Mormonism LIVE: 052: Elder Oaks' Electroshock Hoax

2021-11 (November)
    Mormonism LIVE: 051: Denver Snuffer
    Mormonism LIVE: 050: Bigfoot, Cain, & Prophetic Mormon Mythmaking
    Mormonism LIVE: 049: The Pre-Debate Tailgate Party
    Mormonism LIVE: 048: Mark Elwood & The Glass Looker

2021-10 (October)
    Mormonism LIVE: 047: Spooky Halloween Call In Show
    Mormonism LIVE: 046: Suicide Within Mormon History & Theology
    Mormonism LIVE: 045: Mormonism and Macbeth
    Mormonism LIVE: 044: Straw Man vs Steel Man: A Lesson In Rational Thinking

2021-09 (September)
    Mormonism LIVE: 043: Modern Day Mormon Danites
    Mormonism LIVE: 042: Revelation, Excommunications, Lies & Obfuscations: The 1886 John Taylor Divination
    Mormonism LIVE!: 041: Solving the LDS Church Homosexuality Issue
    Mormonism LIVE! 040: Symphony Of LGBT Mis-Direction & Mr. Holland Dopus
    Mormonism LIVE: 039: When Mission Presidents Behave Badly

2021-08 (August)
    Mormonism LIVE: 038: The Second Anointing
    Mormonism LIVE: 037: Why Hasn't RFM Been Excommunicated Yet?
    Mormonism LIVE: 036: Hostile Takeovers, Bailouts, & Other Backroom Deals
    Mormonism LIVE: 035: Will The Real Apostle Please Stand Up !

2021-07 (July)
    Mormonism LIVE: 034: Ask Us Almost Anything & More
    Mormonism LIVE: 033: President Nelson's Flight of Death
    Mormonism LIVE: 032: Lindsay Hansen Park - Troubling Aspects of Joseph Smith's Polygamy
    Mormonism LIVE: 031: Property Purchases & Changed Countenances
    Mormonism LIVE: 030: Brass Balls - A Startling New Discovery in Mormon History?

2021-06 (June)
    Mormonism LIVE: 029: Another One Bites the Dust
    Mormonism LIVE : 028: John Dehlin and the Origination of Mormon Stories
    Mormonism LIVE ! : 027: Spencer Wright - Apologetic Logical Fallacies
    Mormonism LIVE !: 026: Fact Checking Mormonism

2021-05 (May)
    Mormonism LIVE !: 025: The Adam God Deception
    Mormonism LIVE ! : 024: The Misogynisticly Unmentionable Heavenly Mother(s)
    Mormonism LIVE !: 023: The Shame Game
    Mormonism LIVE !: 022: Strange Soundbites And Stranger Lies

2021-04 (April)
    Mormonism LIVE!: 021: Sexual Allegation Against John Dehlin Goes Down In Flames
    Mormonism LIVE: 020: Natasha Helfer's Court of Love & Kwaku's Bait And Switch
    Mormonism LIVE: 019: Kwaku El Live in Studio
    Mormonism LIVE ! : 018: Lazy Learners & Shrinkage

2021-03 (March)
    Mormonism LIVE ! : 017: Mormon Minecraft
    Mormonism LIVE !: 016: Peek Stones, Sheep's Bones, and Gold Thrones all on Miner's Hill
    Mormonism LIVE !: 015: Tales of Hofmann
    Mormonism LIVE !: 014: How Can It Not Be True?
    Mormonism LIVE !: 013: What Bad Faith Looks Like

2021-02 (February)
    MORMONISM LIVE !: 012: The Funniest Missionary Story
    MORMONISM LIVE !: 011: The Rules of the Game
    MORMONISM LIVE !: 010: Demonic Possession, Exorcism, and Mormonism
    MORMONISM LIVE !: 009: Elder David Bednar & Wendy Nelson, Has The Day Of Miracles Ceased?

2021-01 (January)
    MORMONISM LIVE !: 008: Keith Erekson Hoax Expert
    MORMONISM LIVE !: 007: Keith Erekson - Analysis of the Director of the Church History Library
    Mormonism LIVE !: 006: LDS Handbook Changes December 2020 Part 2
    Mormonism LIVE !: 005: LDS Handbook Changes December 2020

2020-12 (December)
    Mormonism LIVE !: 004: The Rise And Fall of Alma as Apologetic
    Mormonism LIVE !: 003: The Changing Landscape of Mormonism under President Nelson
    Mormonism LIVE !: 002: Book of Abraham, FairMormon, and Ad-Straw-Minems
    Mormonism Live!: 001: FairMormon & This Is The Show
    Mormonism Live !

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  1. I just have a difficult time when the church holds its members accountable for everything but lying and deceiving for the Lord is acceptable.

    I need to face that the church was started on false pretenses and continues to this day.

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