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About the Hosts

Bill Reel (left) and Radio Free Mormon (Right) have been deconstructing and discussing Mormonism for years.  They are trusted voices for getting at the heart of the matter within historical and doctrinal issues that others find so messy and troubling.  Both have led popular podcasts and both have contributed in serious ways to the conversations happening in Mormonism.

Bill helped served with FairMormon leading their podcast to win the 2013 Podcast Award in the religion category while also winning numerous Brodie Awards over the last 5 years.   RFM (Radio Free Mormon) won the 2018 Brodie Award for “Best New Podcast” and in 2019 won the “Best Podcast” Brodie Award.

Both have been featured Speakers at Sunstone Conference as well as other speaking engagements across the country.