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Shawn McCraney: Full Circle Defending Mormons [Mormonism Live 181]

This week we sit down with Shawn McCraney who once was a Mormon himself and after leaving has for decades been a vocal critic of Mormonism and the LDS Church. We take a look at Shawn’s life journey and his recent acknowledgement of coming full circle.

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00:00 Welcome

10:00 Clip

19:15 Is he Universalist?

27:00 Why not trust others’ stories?

35:00 Metaphysical experience

42:00 Post-millenialism

46:00 Scriptural evidence for Jesus returning before 70AD?

47:00 The “bride” of Jesus a bunch of Jews

52:00 The “beast” isn’t Nero?

54:00 “This Generation”

55:15 So what about today then?

01:02:00 Faith & works(love?)

01:03:45 The alternative to offer the fans.

01:07:25 In/errant Bible?

01:10:45 Ralph Waldo Emerson

01:18:00 Never-denominational

01:20:00 Caller: Kolby

01:23:00 How is your epistemology more than “I just know”

01:26:25 Bill leaving made him better

01:30:45 Caller: Ted

01:40:00 Caller: Jared


1 thought on “Shawn McCraney: Full Circle Defending Mormons [Mormonism Live 181]”

  1. Why do you guys allow Maven to rave the way she did in this episode? If you want to let her speak so be it. But she totally hijacked an otherwise great episode on LDS apologetics. (note: I actually agree with most of her points on abortion but that’s beside the point).

    I know you feel the need to offer women the opportunity to speak but this was absolutely ridiculous. I don’t hear RFM or Bill ranting like this. How come Maven is allowed to?

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