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An Exciting New Theory On Book Of Mormon Origins [Mormonism Live: 177]

This week we sit down with Lars Nielsen and take a look at his new theory on Book of Mormon Origins

How The Book of Mormon Came to Pass: The Second Greatest Show on Earth –


1 thought on “An Exciting New Theory On Book Of Mormon Origins [Mormonism Live: 177]”

  1. Gentlemen, I found your podcast a couple months ago and it was amazing. I’m not LDS nor ever have been. I have been an evangelical Christian for most of my life now since age 18 and have been witnessing and conducting apologetics to LDS people for around 40 years now. I have had many friends who were LDS and I guess the Lord has always laid a burden on my heart for them, especially since I studied and discovered how deceptive the LDS leaders through history have been. What impresses me most about you both is that your concern above all, is for truth, as is mine. That is rare in this world, and not only for LDS people, sad to say. You pull no punches and are willing for the most part to listen objectively to theories, opinions and evidences in pursuit of truth. I especially loved the segments on the Spalding theory regarding the BOM, which I’ve leaned to ever since reading “Who Really Wrote The BOM” by Cowdery, Davis, et al years ago as well as the LDS source material. It was a nice follow-up then with Lars Neilsen’s talk about his book. Enough of the kudos for now. If I may make a couple suggestions as to future podcasts, they are as follows. An interview or interviews with Sandra Tanner, while she is still alive, who along with her husband did so much to bring to light much of the deception within the LDS church through the years. I’ve heard her on a couple other podcasts and she is gracious, funny, intelligent and fascinating. Another subject would be the techniques of psychological manipulation the LDS uses, and also the subject of the whole “burning in the bosom” which I am convinced is the bedrock foundation for the individual LDS’s belief in JS and the BOM. Ok, that’s it. I am also seriously considering becoming a contributor to helping financially keep your program on the air, though admittedly I have not yet done so. Please be patient in that regard. Again, thank you both for the bravery and courage to stand by your convictions and with the truth. I can only imagine just how hard it is for an LDS to do that in light of so much they stand to lose. My best wishes and prayers be with you both. Oh, and by the way, as I engage with LDS online quite often in discussing and sharing the true Gospel, I often post the hyperlink to as well. I figure they might be more inclined to listen to former LDS than a gentile non LDS and it might just be what they need to hear to break through and get them thinking outside of their LDS bubble. God bless you both.

    Most sincerely,


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