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LDS Church Financial Apologetics w/ Spencer Anderson [Mormonism Live: 173]

On this week’s program we take a look at the Faith matters Podcast with Aaron Miller where they answer the 100 Billion Dollar Question. But do their answers hold up? We sit down with Spencer Anderson to get his perspective on whether these Financial Apologetics hold water or if Miller is just blowing smoke.



2 thoughts on “LDS Church Financial Apologetics w/ Spencer Anderson [Mormonism Live: 173]”

  1. At around 18 minutes into the podcast the Faith Matters guest gives his description of what the Church had done that triggered the SEC investigation and fine. He describes the shell companies filing 13f forms to represent the holdings of Ensign Peak. RFM and the guest both suggest that he gives a basically correct description. However, as I remember the SEC’s finding that the Church agreed to, there was a period of several years in which E.P. knew that they must file form 13f, but did not file at all. Only after that did they file 13f forms through the shell companies. I personally find that significant, and so I don’t think the Faith Matters’ guest gave a reasonably accurate description; though it’s a detail that seems to be usually ignored, and maybe I’m misunderstanding or mis-emphasizing the detail.

  2. Basically the church broke the law until they got caught.
    Didn’t JS say something like “it’s not a sin if you don’t get caught”?

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