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Mormon Corporate Corruption: Mormonism LIVE: 138

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RFM and Bill Reel are joined by Spencer who shares the latest from the Widows Mite Report ( and share their latest reveal calling into question the perception that the Deseret Mutual Benefit Administration (DMBA) was at the same time Ensign Peak was being investigated, allegedly doing the same funny business as Ensign Peak was in not filing 13F forms disclosing investment assets. Spencer runs us through the data and informs us that an anonymous person has filed complaints with the SEC. He shows that Beneficial Life may have also been doing the same thing. We are informed that a familiar face was on the board of DMBA and we also learn about “Plan Z”. While the Church has considered the SEC escapade closed, it appears that these prophets may not have seen around corners.

Widow’s Mite Report on the DMBA –

LDS Charities Report showing Roger Clarke on the board –

SEC Report –

Church’s official Response to previous infraction –

Mormonism Live covering the SEC scandal –


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