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Seminary Teacher Schools Church Historian: Mormonism Live: 130

A former seminary teacher got the opportunity to present lots of his questions to the Church Historian recently. Wait till you hear what happened!


Transcript –
Episode –

Joe’s Document “In Defense of Doubt” –
Elder McKay’s Letter back to him –


3 thoughts on “Seminary Teacher Schools Church Historian: Mormonism Live: 130”

  1. Brianne Wheelwright

    Hi, love you guys! Listening to your latest episode. I just got to the Lucy Walker part. She is my 4x great aunt, my mom was a Walker. Her oldest brother William is my 3x great grandpa. Also THE Elder Stevenson’s great whatever grandpa. Thanks for sharing her story. It’s one of the reasons I left last year. Having her journal and words made me see how vulnerable and angry she was about Joseph. Our family uses her story as this huge faith promoting thing and I used to as well until I read her own words. Thank you for helping me (and my husband and our six boys) transition out of the church. Wish I could make it to Thrive tomorrow!!

  2. Bill, why would you attack me like that?
    You share lots of Buddhist ideas on Mormon Discussions. I wasn’t trying to challenge you this week or last week. Why did you say those things about me.
    I’m a huge fan, or, was.
    Sincerely ,
    Rebecca (Becky) Brown

    1. What did I say about you? I would appreciate context and I am happy to address. I am sorry If I overstated something or if I caused offense. I look forward to having a chance to correct the record and make amends.

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