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Gone In 60 Minutes: Mormonism Live: 128

This past week 60 Minutes the CBS TV Journalism Show covered the event of the Church having its finances exposed by whistleblower David Nielson. We take a look at what was said…. and what wasn’t in this weeks episode of Mormonism LIVE! “David Nielsen is a former investment manager for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints who became a whistleblower regarding the church’s finances and tax-exempt status. Nielsen accused the church of hoarding billions of dollars it has not paid taxes on and asked the IRS to strip the church of its tax-exempt status. Nielsen argued that the church owes billions in taxes, and he wants a cut of that as part of a reward offered by the IRS for reporting tax-related offenses.”

(2038) Mormon whistleblower: Church’s investment firm masquerades as charity | 60 Minutes – YouTube
60 Minutes – Bishop defends the Church’s investment fund | Facebook (60 Minutes Overtime)
The Perpetual Education Fund (
The Perpetual Education Fund ( (Gordon Hinckley’s talk)
Structure of the Corporation of The President / Bishopric (Actual LDS “Church”) | Exploring Mormonism (LDS HOLDINGS)
A look at the LDS Church’s legal legacy as a corporation  (The Merging of the two corporations)


2 thoughts on “Gone In 60 Minutes: Mormonism Live: 128”

  1. Hey Bill and RFM,

    My wife and I listened to and really enjoyed the episode. We also listened to RFM’s episode about being an SOB. Just our opinion, but you were not being an SOB. We think you were making great logical arguments and Justin painted himself into a corner. Great work both of you and please keep it going!!

  2. Great episode. I’ve listened to it 3 times to make sure I understand it all as my TBM siblings do not believe any fraud occurred.
    I do have a comment/question. If I remember correctly, David Nielsen’s account says that once in a while a million dollars would disappear from the EP account with no accountabiliity for the amount. Combine that with Grant Palmer’s interview with an GA said that new GAs get a million dollars to take care of any financial obligations before serving.
    If there were some transparency, we could possibly relate the “missing” million to a recently called GA. Does anyone (Spenser?) know the answer to this, or has anyone been able to research this?

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