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Mormonism LIVE: 123: Wood Tools vs Steel Tools w/ Jonathan Streeter

Years ago Jonathan Streeter wrote a blog post titled “Fix your faith crisis with this one weird trick!” that was deeply influential on Bill. So tonight we bring Streeter into the studio to discuss Wood Tools vs Steel Tools and tom recognize when wood tools are being used.



2 thoughts on “Mormonism LIVE: 123: Wood Tools vs Steel Tools w/ Jonathan Streeter”

  1. Just listened to Mormonism live 123: Thanks for another great show. Jonathan Streeter was an intelligent and thoughtful guest. I regularly listen via podcast after the live YouTube shows and I typically appreciate and enjoy all of the content. Thank you for creating entertaining and informative content so I can stay well versed in this arena.

    However, my biggest pet peeve happened again near the end of the program. It doesn’t happen often enough to stop listening all together, but today I couldn’t let it pass once more without making a comment.

    Bill Reel gets so defensive when asked about a discussion with a believer. He’s all about believers giving/allowing space that it might *not* be true yet he is super closed off to giving another/opposing view that same space for their perspective.

    His whole demeanor changes and he gets feisty. This is not the first time this has happened and when it does, it is very off putting. It’s as if Bill thinks he is fully evolved and there is no more learning for him to do because he discovered the true light and knowledge that the church is NOT true. He gets cocky, defensive, rude and not at all enjoyable whenever anyone dares to not play by his rules.

    I think a debate with Jonathan Streeter as the moderator would work well with RFM and I would look forward to that episode. However, I do not have any confidence in Bill’s ability to stay calm and focused. He digs his heels in that he is right no matter what and that would be embarrassing. I get being passionate when you think you are right, but maybe try to not be such a jerk about it?

    1. Thank you for you comment. Bill here. My issue is that certain voices seem to want to try to embarrass me by making a connection for my avoiding debates as some sort of argument that I am afraid to engage. Such is not true. For example one could checkout all the interviews I have done and especially my 7 part series with Jim Bennett. So when I am now extended an invite for a debate, I quickly want to ensure that my view that debates are the easy way out for critics to claim they have engaged without really having the space necessary to flesh out an issue sufficiently so as to learn whether a belief or reconciliation of a problem is rational and logical. Hence I am likely always going to push back on Debates as valid platforms to impart infoirmation and hash out the validity of an idea or perspective. I am really sorry that bumped into you so hard.

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