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Mormonism LIVE: 122: GenCon CXCIII

This General Conference had lots of interesting twists and turns that have now had time to ruminate in the minds of RFM and Bill Reel. And this weeks episode involves a dive into the Mormon phenomena known as the April 2023 General Conference of the LDS Church.

RESOURCES OF TALKS DISCUSSED: – Elder Ahmad S. Corbitt – Elder Vern R. Stanfill – Elder Allen D. Haynie – Elder Carl B. Cook – Elder Gerrit W. Gong – Elder D. Todd Christofferson – Elder Neil L. Andersen – President Russell M. Nelson


1 thought on “Mormonism LIVE: 122: GenCon CXCIII”

  1. Listening to you mention Avraham Giliadi makes me remember that whole experience again. I was in that Stake. Packer showed up to our Stake conference for the specific purpose of releasing our young Stake President (Randal Gibbs) because he wouldn’t excommunicate Avraham. He called a guy who conveniently just moved into the stake named Leon Otten. Otten was a member of the Church correlation committee and quickly got to work on excommunication. My dad was on the High Council at the time and I could tell he was distressed about the whole affair (I still can’t get him to talk about it). BTW- Randall Gibbs was shoved into the Patriarch seat (he was in his 30’s at the time) and he is still languishing in that calling to this day.

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