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Mormonism LIVE: 119: Cordon Homicide – Epilogue

RFM has received the the video and audio from his second information request and report back regarding what was turned over by law enforcement. Once again we learn new details that both add clarity and complexity to this case.

BONUS AUDIO: We inserted the cut up audio clips of all three witnesses that we had audio interviews of focusing only on the moment in the hotel room where the traumatic event likely occurred. Notice Bonnie’s admitting she heard the youngest kid but then struggles to answer finally stating she did not hear Derek or the parents in spite of all the yelling and screaming that both parents acknowledge along the way. After her clip are multiple clips of Hana and Nolan where Nolan stammers about what he awoke to finally imposing over multiple points in the interview that Hana was already awake and out of bed dealing with Derek when he awoke out of his sleep but juxtaposed against Hana who intimates at two different points in the interview that her and Nolan seem to have awoke together to the crying of the child and both in an escalated voice tell him to be quiet. Nolan also at one point claims he yelled at Derek to be quiet but how can such be when Hana in both her interview and her re-enactment indicates she screams at Derek in Bed that “he is not breathing”


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  1. One question I have is the ride Derek went on. Even though the ride is age/height appropriate, if his head hit the sides of the seat a few times, that could possibly have had a delayed effect or weakened a blood vessel or two, which later burst.

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