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Mormonism LIVE: 115: Mormon Cinema

On this week’s episode we sit down with Brent Bokovoy, Writer and Director of the upcoming film “Ronald’s Little Factory”, and we discuss all the twists and turns in Mormon Cinema including your favorites, along with movies you have likely forgotten, as well as one’s you never heard of. We finish out the episode discussing the upcoming film “Ronald’s Little Factory”. Boyd K Packer would have been proud!


Ronald’s Little Factory Trailer 1 –
Ronald’s Little Factory – The Why behind the Film –

* A Mormon Maid
* A Victim Of The Mormons
* Brigham Young
* Johny Lingo
* The Pump
*  Legacy
* The Testaments
* Virginia
* God’s Army
*  Brigham City
* States of Grace
* The Singles Ward
* The RM
* Baptists At The Barbecue
* Sons Of Provo
* The Home Teachers
* Mobsters And Mormons
* The Book of Mormon Movie
* The Other Side of Heaven
* The Best Two Years
* Saints And Soldiers
* Once I Was A Beehive
* Plan 10 From Outer Space
* Orgazmo
* South Park Episode
* The Book Of Mormon Musical
* Latter Days
* Trapped By The Mormons
* Big Love
* Angels In America
* September Dawn
* The Book Of Zombie
* Electrick Children
* The Falls
* Missionary
* Room 104
* Bad Mormons
* Killer Missionaries
* The Touch Of The Master’s Hand
* 8 The Mormon Proposition
* Believer
* Tabloid
* Murder Among The Mormons
* Keep Sweet And Obey
* Under The Banner Of Heaven
* Sins of Our Mother
*  Mormon No More
* Abducted In Plain Sight
* A Friend of the Family


3 thoughts on “Mormonism LIVE: 115: Mormon Cinema”


    You forgot some important exMormon films. You didn’t mention the two-part PBS documentary The Mormons or the fun one this divided state all about the controversy when filmmaker behind Roger and me came to speak at UVU. You didn’t meant mention burying the past the best documentary on the mountain Meadows massacre. But most importantly forgot to very important films the BBC’s the Mormon candidate with Michael Sweeney this is super important because this is where Holland use the dodo term. And what is super important about this is I was in it and I am the one who told John Sweeney about the strengthening the members committee.
    There was also a lesser known documentary called in the shadow of the temple that interviewed a bunch of ex-morments that I was also featured in.

  2. You forgot to mention Charlie, the tearjerker movie based on a book by Jack Weyland about a lady who converts, gets cancer, and dies.

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