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Mormonism LIVE: 114: The Derek Cordon Homicide Investigation

RFM and Bill review the recent set of Documents and other items sent by Florida Law Enforcement in RFM as part of a Freedom of Information Request.

***TRIGGER WARNING***This episode will contain details of an alleged Homicide of a child. Please skip this episode if needed and please keep kids away from this episode.

4 Minute Video Re-enactment by Hana w/ Law Enforcement-


3 thoughts on “Mormonism LIVE: 114: The Derek Cordon Homicide Investigation”

  1. This is probably not needed anymore, however I was a persons crime detective that specifically handled child abuse cases for many years. If you ever need someone to help make sense of what and why the officers wrote in the reports about Derek Cordon, I’m happy to assist.

  2. According to her linkedin, the mother was also a CNA. If that is true, then she would have had at least some idea of the severity of the child’s injuries and what interventions could have helped him. So devastating for this poor little boy.

  3. I met Nolan and Hana while they lived in Omaha Nebraska. Very strange people. They were always getting after Derek over something

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