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Mormonism LIVE: 107: Sheri Dew You Know – A Not So Christmas Special

Sheri Dew recently gave a Devotional Talk titled “Prophets Can See Around Corners” at BYU Hawaii on Nov 1st 2022. Bill and RFM take a deep look into this talk to see if what sort of apologetic tricks and absurd claims Sheri Dew makes this time around. Make some hot chocolate, grab a slice of fruitcake, and sit down by the fire, because Reel and RFM are going to fill your stockings with some Christmas Tidings and Apologetic Fallacies and Yuletide Cheer.


Sheri Dew’s Talk –

Gordon B Hinkley’s 1998 Priesthood Talk –

President Nelson Not Knowing about Covid Coming –

President Nelson’s Stated Impetus vbehind the #HearHim –


1 thought on “Mormonism LIVE: 107: Sheri Dew You Know – A Not So Christmas Special”

  1. You should do an episodic on Mormonism and war. Presently we are whitnessing the brutal attack on Ukraine by the Russian aggressors. Once Joseph Smith reached Nauvoo he seemed to be taken by a military mentality. Brigham Young was involved in several violent actions; I.e. Mountain Meadow. A lot of Christians fought each other in both world wars. Just where does the modern church stand on such topics as nuclear bombs, draft boards, cyber attacks, and even space travel. According to Mormon doctrine, isn’t it supposed to end with a giant war? How about it. It gets boring hearing about something someone might have done almost 200 years ago.

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