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Mormonism LIVE: 106: DezNat Exposed

This week we explore DezNat or a loosely connected group of folks who claim to be Deseret Nationals. We explore their violent rhetoric and their problematic ideology and we even have a former DezNat follower to help us add context to this story. #DezNat 


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DezNat Exposed Twitter –


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2 thoughts on “Mormonism LIVE: 106: DezNat Exposed”

  1. Team, i think you went a little off the rails with the DezNat episode. While i think the subject and guest were both relevant and valuable, i would like to see you rise above the trashy talk about porn and and porn in the temple and keep up the real, factual issues. reiterating what the garbage Midnight Mormon team says is beneath you and it gets old.

    1. We appreciate the feedback and hope folks can sense the difference between the violence shared and encouraged on one side juxtaposed with the blame that is imposed on the other side for something other than violence.

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