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Mormonism LIVE: 061: Vogel & Metcalfe In Da HOUSE !

RFM and Bill Reel sit down with Dan Vogel and Brent Metcalfe on this week’s episode of Mormonism LIVE ! And you aren’t going to believe the stories these two have.


1 thought on “Mormonism LIVE: 061: Vogel & Metcalfe In Da HOUSE !”

  1. While I love all 4 members of this podcast, am I the only who thinks that when Brent Metfcalf speaks it is sacred? I think I feel the Spirit when he speaks. I hope he will speak a lot more on as many topics and for as many hours at a time as he wants. I could listen to this for learning yes, but also for comfort in difficult times, or to help one relax, or fall asleep. He is so talented. Does he know that? He could be the head of Toastmasters or something. Just listening to him speak is a lesson in how to speak. How to influence, how to argue persuasively, etc. I’m not sure what he does most of his day, but whatever it is his talent is also for speaking. Speak more. More podcasts, interviews, monologues, etc. from Brent Metcalf!

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