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Mormonism LIVE: 044: Straw Man vs Steel Man: A Lesson In Rational Thinking

Today we take a look at the Logical Fallacy of the Straw Man argument and juxtapose it against what it means to Steel Man someone. A Straw Man argument is when you misrepresent someone’s argument to make it easier to attack. We define a Straw Man argument, share an example, discuss how to incorporate good faith in a disagreement by instead choosing to Steel Man the disagreement, and then show how Mormonism holds up to the actual argument being made when that argument is represented fairly.

Elder Oaks remarked: “If we get an impression contrary to the scriptures, to the commandments of God, to the teachings of His leaders, then we know that it can’t be coming from the Holy Ghost. The gospel is consistent throughout.”



1 thought on “Mormonism LIVE: 044: Straw Man vs Steel Man: A Lesson In Rational Thinking”

  1. You fell into their trap and missed out on the most important issue. The GAs response to the young peoples’ questions about revelation assumes that the only issue the young people could ever possibly wonder about relates to belief in Mormonism. If that is your only question, then it makes some sense to compare your answers to the statements of the church leaders. But that’s not what the young people are asking about. Most of them in fact already believe in the church. But that’s not what the young people are praying about. They are praying about who to marry. They are praying about what to study in college and what career path to pursue. And they are trusting that there is a way, perhaps arcane but very real, by which they can receive direct inspiration from God on these matters. And these questions are one time offers so they ache to get them right. That is the issue that church leaders fail time and again to grasp. You also failed to grasp it. Please tale steps to address this issue in an upcoming podcast. Thank you.

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