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Mormonism LIVE: 037: Why Hasn’t RFM Been Excommunicated Yet?

With so many people asking “Why Hasn’t RFM Been Excommunicated Yet?” We decided to go right to the horse’s mouth and ask a member of RFM’s Stake Presidency. That member of the Stake Presidency will be on with us LIVE to answer that very question and more.


2 thoughts on “Mormonism LIVE: 037: Why Hasn’t RFM Been Excommunicated Yet?”

  1. I am a never Mormon, but my BFF from high school was and it was a small branch. She had no sisters and she was the only girl in the wednesday evening activity. I went with her to the young women’s and camp and a youth stake conference. I loved her family and they approved of me cause I was a well behaved child. Her mother watched my younger sister from the time my mom went to work and time for her to go to school. We have remained good friends and still keep in touch. Even though I never considered getting baptized, her family never put pressure on me. I listen to your interview with the stake president and he reminded me of my friends father. I am so glad he was brave enough to be on your program. If more Mormons were like him the church would be better for it. Thank you for your program. Sincerely Sue H

  2. I just wanted to point out the argument that God has to work through imperfect people is so right, but it’s not like there weren’t any non racist people to choose from to be a prophet…
    We say Brigham Young and the Presidents of the Church who followed after him, they were products of their time, but there were people who were also products of their time that didn’t feel this way. Why didn’t God choose one of them to be the prophet? I’m sure they were imperfect as well, but it’s not like there was no one better.

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