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Mormonism LIVE ! : 024: The Misogynisticly Unmentionable Heavenly Mother(s)

This week RFM and Bill Reel use the recent Salt Lake Trib article as a starting point to discuss why Heavenly mother is such a big deal. Or rather why so many are insisting we talk about her and why so many others demand we don’t.


1 thought on “Mormonism LIVE ! : 024: The Misogynisticly Unmentionable Heavenly Mother(s)”

  1. Heavenly hive queer

    One of the interesting things to do with looking into the whole spirit children issue especially if a person clings to traditional narratives is to do the math on how many spirit children our Heavenly parents had to have based on commonly held LDS beliefs. The number of humans ever born is 108 billion but that is 2/3 of spirit children so the total would at this point in time be 162 billion spirit children Heavenly Father would have had to sexually create. Now the age he had to do all that parenting of intelligences into spirit children (male and female) is 13.73 billion years since the big bag assuming spirit is matter as is taught so that’s creating / birthing 11.8 billion spirit children per year / 33 million per day / 1,381,086 per hour / 23,018 per minute / 383 per second since the Big Bang for only this earth.

    That’s a lot of spiritual procreation if it is done in the traditional way. Even if he has 100 wives as one of the Pratt Brothers argued.

    Now add this earth is only one of Heavenly Father’s creations and they are more numerous the sands on the sea shores (7.5 x 10^18) or the numbers of stars in the heavens (7 x 10^23) or 70 billion trillion then multiply that by the average number of assumed spirit children per world (162 billion for this one) and then divide by 13.73 billion years since the Big Bang for time frame and of course the math makes any of these theological assertions logically ridiculous. It also makes god more of a queen bee who’s principle purpose is to lay thousands of eggs or an insect that creates thousands of offspring in hopes of a few coming to the ability to creat their own offspring upon maturity.

    How we could have been individually known and cared for in the throng of 162 billion siblings at a rate of 383 per second is problematic to compare with our experiences as parents of human children. Then take this as our eternal role in the eternity to be a breeder or bearer of spirit children then to have to try to manage their affairs to help a very small few reach the same reproductive capacity as us as gods and the horrific losses of that breeding / creative effort at 1/3 for their first estate makes our future look unattractive and God as a person who is not very effective in this plan he finds himself in.

    To be cheeky, I like sex as well as the next human but 383 times a second assuming different partners for each since the Big Bang is not something I’m looking forward to and may be reason why God is so distracted.

    But seriously your point is if we really look at the beliefs they have to be modified to make any sense.

    The concept of theosis is beautiful but silly as most mormons believe

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