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MORMONISM LIVE !: 012: The Funniest Missionary Story

RFM and Bill Reel have a guest on today, Chris Bloxham, who gets us started by telling us a funny story from his mission. After that we give our callers a chance to share their funny mission stories, and finish off having RFM share a funny story from his mission.

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2 thoughts on “MORMONISM LIVE !: 012: The Funniest Missionary Story”

  1. My three suggestions:

    1-Please find some new opening and closing music.

    2- I have a story about companions dating girls on my mission, My brother has a great mission story about seeing his mission president in a casino while they were both out of their area during his mission. He probably would have shared it had he known what the topic was going to be. I think it would be interesting if you could you take a few recorded stories on a future episode instead of the lengthy shoot from the hip stories that were shared?

    3- I usually can’t listen live, but ifs
    I did, I would never call in because when you do, the answering service shouts out the callers name. My bishop might be listening.

    Thanks for the religious entertainment!

  2. Bill and RFM,
    I sincerely enjoy the variation of subjects you cover. Your caller mentioned the number of firesides dedicated to The Factory or backmasking. Here’s a link for Bill to experience how crazy the ‘devil’s influence through popular music’ times were. Bryson was in demand as a fireside speaker. Enjoy the madness:

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