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The Ballards Breaking Bad: ML: 149

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In this episode of “Mormonism Live” hosted by RFM and Bill Reel, we delve deeper into the intricate web of connections between former Operation Underground Railroad president Tim Ballard and LDS Apostle Elder M. Russell Ballard. We uncover the morally ambiguous terrain that surrounds these two figures. As the fallout from the allegations against Tim Ballard continues, a stark division emerges. On one side, a Mormon Church spokesman, Doug Andersen, vehemently denies any involvement of Elder M. Russell Ballard in Tim Ballard’s ventures. Tim Ballard, defending his position, maintains that he never exploited Elder Ballard’s name for financial gain, insisting that they had no business dealings.

However, as our investigative journey explores the surrounding allegations, the possibility that both Ballards are entangled in more than one dubious enterprise, casts shadows over their declarations of innocence. During a alleged clandestine meeting of the Quorum of Twelve Apostles, shocking revelations emerge, shedding light on the shared interests of the Ballards in the creation of the film “Sound of Freedom.” This motion picture, we discover, was perhaps not only a means to immortalize and enrich Tim Ballard but also a missionary tool to further the cause of Mormonism. The allegations of sexual misconduct against Tim Ballard take a disturbing turn as unnamed victims come forward, accusing him of invoking Elder Russell Ballard’s name to exert spiritual influence, alledgedly leading to illicit sexual encounters. In this episode, we unravel a narrative where lines blur, loyalties are tested, and dark secrets come to light. Join us as we navigate the treacherous terrain of morality and power dynamics, echoing the iconic words from “Breaking Bad”: “I am the one who knocks.” “The Ballards Breaking Bad” reveals a complex tale of victimhood and complicity, leaving us to ponder whether Elder M. Russell Ballard is a victim, an accomplice, or something else entirely in this intricate web of deception.



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