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Mormonism’s Holy Matrimony: ML: 150

This week’s episode “Mormonism’s Holy Matrimony” takes listeners on a journey through the hidden annals of Mormon history, exploring the controversial teachings of early LDS leaders that suggest Jesus Christ was married and what we know about Christ’s descendants. Delving deep into historical documents Bill Reel and RFM unravel the layers of visibility and acknowledgement surrounding these teachings. Through meticulous research, we aim to shed light on the suppressed narratives, examining the motives behind the LDS Church’s efforts to distance itself from these teachings in a bid to conform to societal norms. This episode confronts the tension between tradition and revelation and the LDS Church need to fit in and appear mainstream. With a balanced approach, we strive to provide a comprehensive view of this complex issue, respecting diverse perspectives within and outside the Church. The podcast culminates in a couple of surprise discoveries that unveil the startling truth about the official status of these teachings within the LDS Church. Drawing on extensive research these discoveries promise to be a significant addition to our collective understanding of the intricate relationship between early LDS beliefs and the Church’s evolving doctrine on this issue. “Was Jesus Married and Who Are His Descendants” invites listeners to re-examine their perceptions of Mormon history, faith, and the ongoing evolution of religious doctrine. Join us on this riveting journey as we uncover the truth about past doctrine.

Welcome to “Mormonism Live,” the ultimate talk show that delves into the messiness of Mormon history and theology while also tackling current events with a live call-in section at the end of every episode. Hosted by two trusted voices in the Mormon community, Radio Free Mormon (RFM) and Bill Reel, this podcast has been taking on the tough issues and exploring the nuances of the LDS faith for years.

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2 thoughts on “Mormonism’s Holy Matrimony: ML: 150”

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  2. The more I learn about the church formerly known as the church I belong to, the more I realize that it is a non-prophet organization.

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