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Decoding General Conference: Mormonism Live: 148

In ‘Decoding General Conference’, we delve deep into the recent October 2023 LDS General Conference. Join us as we uncover the subtle nuances, hidden messages, and underlying themes of the most newsworthy talks. Explore the intersection of faith, fear, and leadership methods, and gain fresh perspectives on the tactics and evolving doctrines. It’s a journey of revelation and insight that challenges conventional narratives.

10:00 Renlund’s new baptism Doctrine
18:00 Oaks – Abiding by the laws of the kingdom
41:55 Waddell –
54:55 Waddell – all questions answered in life of Jesus
1:06:00 Nelson – “Think Celestial”
1:09:15 TK Smoothie

Welcome to “Mormonism Live,” the ultimate talk show that delves into the messiness of Mormon history and theology while also tackling current events with a live call-in section at the end of every episode. Hosted by two trusted voices in the Mormon community, Radio Free Mormon (RFM) and Bill Reel, this podcast has been taking on the tough issues and exploring the nuances of the LDS faith for years.
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1 thought on “Decoding General Conference: Mormonism Live: 148”

  1. re: Nelson’s talk
    I understand that Nelson recorded his talk a few days earlier – the story I heard is that he actually recorded it in his red chair. But his image appears cut-in.
    Also, sometimes his mouth shape doesn’t match the words he speaks. This makes me wonder if this talk is AI-generated or not.

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