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Mormonism LIVE: 117: Changes To The Temple & The Ethics of Ensign Peak Advisors

In this week’s episode we discuss the recent news of the Temple Changes and just how far the original Endowment has been altered. And the Second half of the show will involve the recent legal settlement with the LDS Church and it’s Ensign Peak Advisors and culminating with RFM’s lightbulb moment sensing that the Landscape of Mormonism has changed and his novel idea around such.

Temple Changes Resources:

SEC Alleged Fraud RESOURCES:

SEC Report – 

SEC Press statement –


3 thoughts on “Mormonism LIVE: 117: Changes To The Temple & The Ethics of Ensign Peak Advisors”

  1. Wonderful Show Guys. Seriously. But he here is some additional angles… 1)How many times have we heard “the chu4ch will never be taken off of the earth again”? Do they truly believe that? The actions speak a huge NO(this can be applied in just about on any issue you can think about). 2)LDS Culture believes in protecting the church at all costs, not matter what. Which also suggests CULTURE does NOT believe the Church will be here forever either. 3)I remember hearing somewhere that the true reason the saints where driven from NAUVOO is because of COUNTERFEITING US MONEY. If this is true IMAGINE how this attitude within CULTURE affects the BRETHERN. 4)EVERYTHING that drives the CHURCH is based on ONE main LAW & PRINCIPLE… ya ready for this? THE LAW OF SACRIFICE. You name it, and it can be applied at every angle.

  2. The managers do the LLCs remind me of the wife character in the movie “the other woman”, where most assets were in her name, the hubby had her sign papers without reading them, etc. too bad this won’t end the same way.

    Also, song forget that Bednar told the national press folks that the church doesn’t need the tithing money, but members need the blessings of paying it.

  3. Thank you so much for ALL you do (I mostly watch Mormonism Live).
    Have you thought about “book discussions”. Give people time to read (one every 4-6 months). Have people write their comments in (that way no one person can dominate the show).
    I am almost finished with “View of the Hebrews” because of RFM’s review of it (Which was AMAZING). And it would be fascinating to her others “comments” on the book. My guess is 99% of people who know about this (and other books like this) have never actually read it (them). A discussion might be interesting.
    Example: in the View of the Hebrews, pg 12, The fleeing Jews that went by boats died because the ‘furious tempest’ overtook the boat/s, that’s why they got to America via the Bering Strait land bridge, it was the only way.
    Book of Mormon that says only a boat ‘built after the manner which Thou (God) hast shown unto me (1 Ne. 17:9), coupled with a “storm/terrible tempest… about to be swallowed up in the depths of the sea (1 Ne. 18:13-15) AND “nothing but the power of God” a bit of repenting and a magic brass ball(1 Ne. 18:20-21) and WHAM getting to America by ship IS POSSIBLE. (pretty sure it’s possible Joseph threw in the storm to ‘prove’ an Atlantic voyage was feasible WITH GODS HELP).

    I 100% believe RFM when he said that Joseph didn’t ‘need’ this book to write his book, but I do think this served as strong inspiration for his fun Fan Fiction.

    There are a TON more ‘connections’ throughout view of the Hebrews
    It would be fascinating to hear others with their comments.

    Thanks BILL, RFM, MAVEN

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