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Mormonism Live !

Mormonism Live ! is a live streaming online audio program hosted by Bill Reel and Radio Free Mormon as they share thoughts and insights on current happenings, historical issues, and theological inconsistencies within Mormonism.

2 thoughts on “Mormonism Live !”

  1. Couple things:

    1. ⁠Calling the show “Mormonism Live” is disingenuous at best and a complete lie designed to trick people at worst. Having a website called “Mormonism Live” and then mice typing and downplaying its purpose is also a lie.

    You are so completely ignorant of the hypocrisy. You two spend several minutes guffawing at “TITS”, you forgot to mention that the title of their show is meant to deceive people. This is not a call in show about Mormonism. It is a show dedicated to tearing it down. A more appropriate title would be “get out of Mormonism” “done with Mormonism” “not Mormonism” etc.

    2. You criticized context around the Ouija board, 40:00 without acknowledging that it is a poorly written part of the CES letter. Yes it’s a metaphor, but on a quick read you won’t pick that up, and you would be left with the impression that a Ouija board was used in translation. After all, that’s what the letter says.

    3. RFM hasn’t read the letter, but is commenting on it. He has skimmed it. That’s not cool. He’s known for being the deconstruction guy and being so in depth. Why not deconstruct the CES letter with the same vigor. The reason he isn’t is because he knows that it’s garbage and he also knows it accomplishes the purpose he cares most about. Which is separating people from the church.

    You are using the same tactics that they accuse the FAIR Mormon videos of doing. Why?

    Why with you sanctimonious smugness and conceit can you not rise above and just be the parents in the room, unlike the children you compare Kwaku et al too?

    This is what an echo chamber looks like.

    Bad form, lies and misrepresentation from the title of the show right through.

    Same trash as Dehlin calling his “Mormon stories.” It’s not. And the CES letter that never actually made it to a CES director.

    4. There has been so much controversy over the meme of John’s execution. Then you two proceed to compare the cast of “TITS” to lord of the flies, and how when you leave kids alone one of them is going to end up like “Piggy” getting a rock to the head and disemboweled with a Bowie knife.

    I don’t know if this was intentional as a response to Dehlin and Runnels “execution” meme, but it was timely, tone deaf, and maybe Kwaku should call the cops too!?

    This is a call in echo chamber show.

    1. 1.) Its purpose is to discuss Mormonism. I’m sorry you feel that to do so one can only be a believer and speak only of its good even if that good is in part whitewashed and untrue.

      2.) on a quick read, everyone is picking that up except you, kwaku, and fairmormon.

      3.) RFM knows Mormonism and its history and its issues as well as any scholar or author. try listening to his podcast. There is nothing in the CES letter that is an issue he isn’t aware of. He hasn’t read it front to back because it isn’t necessary as he already has heard every issue (Which Jeremy Runnels pulled his parts from issues already hashed out) You argument here holds no water. We sure as hell are not doing what Fairmormon has.

      4.) The point is when you leave young people to do a work like this they are too arrogant to know they don’t know and hence they are likely to run amuck which they in fact have done. Their support of this execution video was poorly thought out at best and complicity to violent behavior at worst.

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